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Apr 6, 2012

ParamétricoMutante y Oblomoka

A continuación os dejo unas reflexiones publicadas en Paramétricomutante el blog de Oblomobka. A partir de ahora colaboraré en la producción de reflexión y contenido en este blog sobre fabricación digital. Oblomobka es un taller/estudio que trabaja mezclando técnicas modernas de fabricación digital e impresión 3D con procesos de manufactura artesanal. Detrás de esta interesante iniciativa se encuentra Jorge Medal, un buen amigo que además es artista, prosumidor de video y objetos, bloguero y diseñador industrial.

Fab labs y la tercera revolución digital

Durante los meses de febrero y marzo he investigado y escrito sobre el ecosistema de fabricación digital y los fab labs en España y Europa para El movimiento de los fab labs se funda en la hipótesis de que la creciente socialización y democratización de los procesos de diseño y fabricación tendrá grandes consecuencias a nivel económico, social y cultural. La red global de Fab Labs construye conocimiento y experiencia en diseño y fabricación digital compartiendo infraestructuras y sistemas de comunicación.

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Mar 30, 2012

4/4 Fabbing & cities: Barcelona Fab City

This post is the fourth of 4 posts about Digital manufacturing (fabbing) environments that we have been publishing weekly on Fridays. In these posts I have shared my research on fab labs, open innovation and smart cities, mainly in Europe and in Spain.

The fourth post is the result of a research on fab labs and their relationship with smartcities. In the last two articles I have written about two recent nodes of the global fab lab network. Although there are other fablabs in Spain, I decided to give visibility to these two initiatives in León and in Sevilla. Among all fab labs in Spain those two are giving a real opportunity to make personal production and digital manufacturing accessible and comprehensible for a wide range of people. However, the most popular manufacturing laboratory in Spain is Fab Lab Barcelona (2008). It is settled in the IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and it is part of the Fab Lab Network. I would like to share my interest in their research on how the digital production ecosystem could make our cities smarter. Continue reading »

Mar 14, 2012

2/4 Fabbing & entrepreneurship: Fab Lab León

This post is the second of 4 posts that are going to be published weekly in the next 4 Fridays about Digital manufacturing (fabbing) environments. In these posts I will share my research on fab labs, open innovation and smartcities, mainly in Europe and in Spain.

The second post is a result of the visit to the Fab Lab León on the 27th of December when Fab Lab León had just opened its doors to the general public. León is situated in the northwest of Spain. I am eager to share my interest for this node of the Fab Lab network. Continue reading »

Mar 8, 2012

1/4 Fabbing: a commons-based peer production ecosystem

This post is the first of 4 posts about Digital manufacturing (fabbing) environments that are going to be published weekly in the next 4 Fridays. In these posts I will share my research on fab labs, open innovation and smartcities, mainly in Europe and in Spain.

The first post is an overview about the emerging commons-based peer production ecosystem and start talking about fab labs and the Fab Lab network. Continue reading »

May 30, 2011

from cloud computing to personal fabrication


Surfing on the Internet this week I found Daniel Davis blog Digital Morphogenesis. I bumped into his last post HTML5 & WebGL where he introduce us on WebGL and why is it important to Cad. I am not an expert on these topics and Daniel’s article really help me to understand what’s going on. So that is what I am going to share with you.

Using a browser that supports WebGL means that “users don’t need to download or install any additional plugins to view 3d content”. 3d models are now viewable on the Internet and we are able to generate a model, modify it and design it on the cloud. Have a look at shapesmith, 3dtin or tinkercad.

Daniel’s article points out some interesting examples of cad applications that we can find on the cloud computing context. Looking through those examples I found CloudScad.

CloudSCAD is now Open Source and available on GitHub. This does not mean that I am abandoning it. If anything I’m in a position now where I’ll probably have more time to work on it. However, after the success of splitting off Thingiview from CloudSCAD and all the great feedback and development that has happened as a result of open sourcing Thingiview, it seems like the best plan. Developers: take a look at the TODO list if you’d like to help out! CloudSCAD is pretty simple at the moment, but I believe it has great potential. Now everyone can help make it awesome!

At CloudsCAD’s blog we have this video about personal production. The video was created by nueve ojos for the “Laboratori de Fabricació” exposition at Disseny HUB Barcelona museum on june 2010.

FULL PRINTED from nueve ojos on Vimeo.

We can find more information about personal production at this video-lecture Online Interactive Design and Customization at DHUB. The lecture show two projects about integration of digital technologies into art and craft practices: fluid-forms and automake.

This was a little presentation of a very interesting topic that needs more than one little post, so I supposed we will be back to this point soon. At present I only have questions to resolve. Would we be designing with WebGL CAD software in the future? Would we be able to design architecture with this software?
Hoping it made you discover something new, I wish you good surfing on the net.

Sources: nzarchitecture, CloudSCAD, Disseny Hub Barcelona.

Artículo realizado para en mayo 2011.

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