This is Sara Alvarellos’ blog. Architect, working at Medialab-Prado curating open hardware projects and citizen sensing workshops and conferences.

Co-founder of Makespace Madrid, a new space dedicated to digital and traditional fabrication. Student at MIT FabAcademy 2013 digital fabrication course. Expertise developing creative projects using open design (Arduino, Processing & Open Scad) at Medialab-Prado and Fab Lab Leon.

Promoter of “Data Citizen Driven City” project along César García, honourable mention at 4th Advance Architecture Contest by IaaC on City Sense Theme. Involved in Air Quality Egg beta-testing and support. Working on calibration along Madrid Polytechnic University Ambiental Sciences department.

Speaker at Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014 (London); at Seminario CTS 2013: “Prácticas de medición medioambiental” at Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales CSIC (Madrid) ; at Open Knowledge Festival 2012 (Helsinki) on citizen sensing, Intel European R&D Congress 2012 (Barcelona) on Sustainable Connected Cities track, IoT Week 2012 (Venice) IoT Forum and Fundacion Telefonica’s “Vivir en un mar de datos” and Spanish Leancamp on IoT implications and digital fabrication.

Co-organizer of Madrid IoT Meetup group since November 2011 with 400 members. Host of International IoT Day celebration Madrid (2012, 2013) [ http://www.meetup.com/iotmadrid/photos/14356712/ ]

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Makespace Madrid

FABacademy 2013: Digital Fabrication

The Data Citizen Driven City