Oct 21, 2009



PROYECTO presentado al CONCURSO  convocado por la European Waterpark Association SPA WORLD

1st prize Silvia Martín & Sara Alvarellos

There was also a very large number of visitors to the prize presentation ceremony for the “SPA WORLDS” international competition, which had been jointly organized by the European Waterpark Association (EWA) and Koelnmesse. The aim of the competition was to design visions of pool fun and enjoyment of the future based on the pool cultures of the past. With their “Water Cells” concept Silvia Martín Delgado and Sara Alvarellos Navarro from Madrid impressed the members of the jury and as a result won 1st Prize. Second prize belonged to Hannes Morgenroth from Bad Rodach for his “Massive Leichtigkeit” (Massive Lightness) creation. 3rd prize went to a delighted André Kößler from Münsterhausen for his entry entitled “Kairos”. EWA President Dr. Michael Quell said summing up: “The creative designs submitted by all contestants bring fresh, innovative ideas to the pools industry. At the same time we have succeeded in drawing the attention of young planners and designers to the theme of pools and wellness as shown by the total of 70 students from Europe who participated in the competition.” In the view of the EWA President, the trend towards health and wellness is leading to a clear upturn in the pools industry, which in his opinion, was also reflected in the outstanding visitor figures for FSB.( www.fsb-cologne.com)

El anterior comentario viene de la página de prensa de la FSB, feria de colonia donde se celebró la entrega de premios: http://www.fsb-cologne.com/press/press_information.php?aktion=pfach&p1id=kmpresse_fsbe&format=html&base=&tp=k2&search=&pmid=kmeigen.km_pr04_1257168893&start=0&anzahl=10&channel=kmeigen&language=e&archiv=

Link a la única página en castellano en la que se comenta el tema del concurso y las condiciones:  http://www.cosmobelleza.com/es/home/informacion/actualidad/news.89480.cosmox


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